Saturday, 15 September 2012

Amazing Coffee!

Amazing health drink and power saver-in-1
Do you always complain about the high cost of electricity, LPG and fuel for your vehicles and don’t seem to know what to do about it?

Meralco power generation charge in 2011 was around P4.8623/ kwh. It went up to as high as P6.7397/kwh in August this year and although there is announced reduction by September, no one knows how much further price hikes will be imposed on us in the future. Generation charges reportedly account for around 60% of household electric bills. A new research by the independent energy think-tank International Energy Consultants has determined that average electricity rates in Meralco franchise areas are now 9th among the highest 44 selected distributors across the globe.

Monthly obligation you just can't ignore
The Energy Regulatory Board (ERC) as reported in local newspapers is still awaiting official response from state-run Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) before it can decide on Meralco’s P9.1 Billion refund claim which would be passed on to power consumers. In a 2010 decision, ERC revealed that PSALM has been “double-charging in transmission costs”. The irony is that two years after, ERC still awaits for PSALM's computation to ascertain how much should be refunded to Meralco for the benefit of its customers.

Gasoline and diesel fuel prices may have gone down a few cents per liter but for every price reduction, price hikes follow, so despite the fact that gasoline prices have gone down the past two weeks, retail prices in Metro Manila still ranges between P50.55 and P58.41 per liter; diesel prices remain at P43.85 to P46.35 per liter.

Now comes “Micswell Café” 8-in-1 coffee-mix to the rescue!

Would you believe that attaching coffee sachets with electrical tape on power cords/plugs reduces power rates by as much as 50% to 75%? LPG and vehicle fuel consumption reportedly also improved when coffee sachets are attached to certain vehicle parts and LPG gas tanks.

As fate would have it, I came across this amazing product by accident when a friend asked me to do a favor by investing a small amount of money on an MLM business. Among the health products that is part of the business package is “Micswell Café” 8-in1 mix consisting of 8 ingredients namely; coffee, mocha mix, brown sugar, creamer, spirulina, moringa, ginseng and extract of a Brazilian mushroom called 'Agaricus Blazei Murill'- "discovered in Sao Paolo, Brazil for its medicinal value and have been proven to treat and help prevent breast and cervical cancer along with countless other health issues. Scientific studies proved that it stimulated the immune system, has direct antiviral properties, has beneficial effect on cholesterol and may lower blood glucose levels and improve insulin resistance." 

I stopped taking coffee for the past 20 years because I experienced strong palpitation and it causes pain in my left temple. I started to drink it every morning in July 2012. I noticed that the palpitation was gone and there was no more pain in my left temple. I felt more alert and vigorous.

Little did I know that aside from the health benefits, this coffee mix can also reduce electricity and fuel consumption!

This is not the first time that I heard about this but I just ignored it, thinking that it was just one of those things. A relative based in Bicol brought to us a similar coffee-mix with “Barako” brand name. My wife wife tried by attaching it to appliances but I did not notice any significant result on our electric bills. I researched on the web and found out that there are similar products as well but not as hygienically, professionally-produced and marketed like “Micswell Cafe 8-in-1”.

I started experimenting on it in mid-July 2012 and was surprised that by electricity bill went down by as much as P3,000 as the total kwh for one month went down from 1,320 to only 1,000. I am conducting further experiments for lack of authoritative materials and professionals to explain how this is possible.

Follow my next blogs and do your own research and experimentation to know more about this incredible product. 
Also if interested on where or how to acquire the amazing product mentioned here, leave me some message or contact number so I can share with you the fantastic benefits that can be derived from it.



  1. This is not the first time that I heard about this but I just ignored it, thinking that it was just one of those things. Lpg Gas Pipe Fitting Commercial

  2. I guess these could be better if the writer post his electricity bills before and after installation of micswell coffee.